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❤ Escorts Toronto motto is to treat every gentleman like he is our only gentleman. The luxury agency provides more than just another millionaire dating service. And we certainly don’t provide full time by-the-hour escorts. Introducing you to fresh, refined, educated companions internationally, you can be assured of personally-tailored excellence. Hire a high quality Escorts Toronto girlfriend to create your own special memories. ❤
First and foremost, we promise 100% discretion and confidentiality forever. All our staff and companions sign legal non-disclosure agreements, and we give our word to NEVER disclose the details of our clients, ever. How common, to stoop so low as to use someone else’s trust in one, to gain notoriety or income! Escorts Toronto staff and management would never, ever behave with such distasteful conduct. We bring special people together for special experiences – no complications, no robotic soulless encounters, and no nasty side effects! ❤
Our gentlemen friends are not the type to trawl forums and indulge in idle gossip, so you’re unlikely to find too many ‘reviews’ floating around the internet. In fact we discourage them, as kiss-and-tell is not really the behavior of a refined gentleman, is it? But we do receive an enormous amount of positive and grateful feedback, some of which is on our feedback feature page. ❤

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❤ Escorts Toronto was originally established in 2011, to cater for a refined, selective clientele seeking genuinely high-quality company for social events. Not the common red light variety, but ladies of genuine refinement and breeding. While we market under such terms as high class escorts, elite courtesans etc, we are ultimately a luxury travel companion and introduction company. The Escorts Toronto companion experience is intended to be a beautiful exchange of energies, bringing the vibration of both you and the model to a higher, revitalizing level, within a convivial and elegant environment. Five star quality for all occasions. ❤
When we discuss ‘elite escorts’ and ‘courtesans’, we refer to the proper meaning of these words, before they were hijacked and often associated with less tasteful activities. An escort would actual escort someone to dinner or an event. A courtesan was an educated, well bred consultant and confidante to important vips, in a time when women did not associate with gentlemen alone. Our company, not to be confused with a by-the-hour escort agency, provides fresh, elite dinner dates and travel companions for refined gentlemen, seeking educated ladies who are not displayed on every adult website. Our company will always cater for sophisticated, considerate gentlemen seeking those introductions in major cities like London, Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Cannes, Monaco (Monte Carlo), Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Milan, New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore and beyond. ❤
High class escort feature Escorts Toronto continues to operate in defiant response to a downward trend in apparent “elite” escort services worldwide. While escorting and companion introduction agencies were apparently comfortable with raising their prices, a large majority were sadly not maintaining or raising their standards. There is a lot more to accomplishing oneself as a luxury companion agency or professional introduction service, than just a pretty website… And claiming to be elite, then offering 30-minute or 1 hour meeting slots doesn’t really harmonize. ❤
We preserve and uphold the quality and style for which all introduction agencies should be renowned. As opposed to the modern day version of ‘high-class escorts’ and ‘courtesans’, we introduce traditional quality; high end, well-bred young women for refined, successful and generous gentlemen. Creating a socially dynamic girlfriend experience and mutually enjoyable dates, we cater for those seeking a genuine connection. Escorts Toronto allows NO tattoos, nor irregular body piercing. We also avoid anyone “experienced”, anyone with a bad attitude or aggressive nature, and of course any substance abuse or inappropriate conduct is very quickly dismissed. All successful applicants must be genuinely fresh, warm-hearted, drug-free, well educated, authentic and extremely personable – the absolute minimum a high quality woman or courtesan would bring to any social engagement, in any case. ❤
Ivy-league academics, natural intelligence, reliability and charm are standard requirements, along with classic natural beauty, self-care, fitness and a pure, loving soul. We prefer fresh, positive energy ladies who are new to the professional companion industry. Those from upper-class backgrounds are usually most suited to our callers’ requirements. ❤ The model must of course be accustomed to high society settings, and well versed in proper manners, eloquence and social etiquette; it’s quite clear if she’s not. Whether she provides a wonderful gfe dinner date, a more intense conversational connection, or a travel companion presence, she must be elite in every way. Not elitist, too serious or haughty, just Quality. Breeding is not easy to fake. 🙂 ❤
We prefer working with companions who are either pursuing their post graduate university degrees, or who pursue a full time professional career, be it modelling, management, writing, acting, some personal business pursuit etc. ❤ Our ideal applicant is never focused solely on her income, and definitely not a full time traditional escort available for lots of brief meaningless encounters which slowly destroy the soul. ❤ Requesting a suitable fee for her time and proficiency as an attentive courtesan companion, is very different to expecting the royal treatment with a prima donna attitude. If money is the model’s first priority, she has missed the point and is not suited to our environment or clientele. ❤ Elegant dinner escort and travel companionWe are extremely selective, in regards to the ladies we accept (as well as our gentleman callers). Our exclusive company is not for everyone, and we’re not interested in a maximum turnover. Our expectations for our ladies’ tasteful, stylish presentation are exacting, and our selection process is stringent. Our genuinely careful selection and instruction of potential model escorts, ensures our standards are comprehensively maintained, within human capability. With our hands-on approach, you can be reassured of superb quality every time. ❤ Our ideal gentleman knows exactly the level of quality and security a well bred, accomplished woman brings to the companion experience. He also knows this cannot be built in a brief moment. He is enticed and fascinated by the idea of an extended connection built over a proper date, or a long term girlfriend, built over many dates, with no commitments, attachments or expectations. Read more here about the ideal gentleman that the ladies appreciate meeting. ❤ Regarding our callers, we expect a considerate, well groomed and respectful approach. Less appealing is the gentleman who gossips online, who is lax in his hygiene and personal safety, and who pursues ‘good deals’ as opposed to high value. This kind of person is incapable of appreciating all that our exquisite ladies have to offer. Female Toronto Escorts & Toronto Escort Service.
We guarantee you will not be embarrassed or disappointed – and if you ever were, we would be mortified and expect to hear about it! ❤ Our international courtesan escort agency prioritizes discretion and confidentiality, security, luxury, mutual enjoyment and honest exchanges. Our billing system is one of the most confidential in the world, and our invoicing system allows professional billing through a discreet, unrelated company. We strive to really take care of you on every level. Female Toronto Escorts & Toronto Escort Service.
Again, we are not in business to gain the maximum amount of clients, nor to accept every caller’s booking. We carefully select our gentlemen as well as our beautiful women, to maintain the fresh ‘mynty’ concept of our company for everyone involved. ❤ We bring quality people together for mutually enjoyable experiences. The ladies are available as escorts for dinner dates and travel companionship. You can even organize an exclusive relationship arrangement, if you require a pseudo-official girlfriend for any reason. Literally hiring a girlfriend. Or indeed if you both feel some deep soul connection, and want to pursue a ‘test relationship’ for a few months, the arrangement prevents any resentful feelings if things don’t work out. ❤ While we do require notice, if we’re unable to assist you with a suitable match for your booking, we’ll let you know; We’ll never arrange an introduction with ‘whomever is available’, like many other agencies do. Honesty is our policy when arranging appointments, and we would prefer you to call another time and enjoy the experience you were intending to have, as opposed to tolerating a mediocre or unsatisfactory date with someone with whom you have nothing in common. If a gentleman calls with little notice and insists on meeting someone, this guarantee is no longer in place. We expect gentlemen to respect themselves enough to take time to arrange a proper date; One can’t rush things and expect excellence, in any situation in life. ❤ We like to build long-term relationships with our lovely clients, based on trust. And that requires operating with integrity, something we take very seriously. We understand that the effort an elite international escort puts into her presentation and conduct for a date, as well as her investment in herself in terms of overall quality and grooming, deserves a suitable fee for her time. She could be anywhere, but has decided to make herself available to meet with you. Everyone knows that quality items bear a luxury price, and one ideally receives what one pays for… However we do not agree that cost is the main focus of any exchange. ❤
Beautiful female travel companionAs such, we operate under two truths. 1) Our fees are expensive, as a measure to retain our luxury companions’ freshness and exclusivity to only the most vip clientele. The ladies are not available to escort just anyone who calls, nor interested in meeting hundreds of people. Yet, 2) We do not focus on an exchange of money-for-time only. We focus on a quality exchange of energies, within a mutually enjoyable experience. Payment is merely a gesture, from a well-bred, discerning gentleman to a sophisticated lady, to show his good faith and affluence. ❤ We work hard to ensure you receive exactly the quality and luxury you expect, and nothing less. We also offer authentic photography.< You can read and leave some feedback here. We look forward to discussing your needs, and being a part of your beautiful memories - maybe even introducing you to the love of your life! ❤

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❤ About Our Girls ❤
They are beautiful, sweet and feminine… Latin, Blond, European, Canadian, Busty, Brunette… all are beauty and an elite GFE companion, available to escort you to dinner and beyond. Their friendly manner and Style, elegance and exotic show a hint of theirs more intellectual side. However they also has a cheeky playful side. Which will show one of them itself with you..? With a calm, serene poise, and all the manners of a debutante, lovely sable Escorts Toronto girls with the irresistible smile is a wonderful companion on every level.
❤ Background ❤
Raised in a refined area of Toronto, our girls has always a sense of wanderlust and quiet adventure in their spirit; they never likes to stay in one place too long. The world is too fascinating! They has traveled enough to have an open mind, and supports they’s adventures through their journalism work. Their naturally curious nature has compelled they to explore all areas of life that interest they. Ever so curious and caring, they’s smart, but not too intellectual that they would alienate anyone. They are warm attentive personality would never allow they to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Success is important to they, however. And if an intellectual conversation is what you seek, Escorts Toronto girls can keep up with you until the sun rises. They loves an indepth conversation, and they’s quick mind makes they wonderful at banter and flirtatious innuendo.
❤ Profession ❤
With an ambitious heart, Escorts Toronto girls working towards advancing they’s media career. Their’s decision to join Escorts Toronto agency was not only due to they’s desire for additional funds, (which she prefers to make for theirself as an independent young woman), but also they’s courageous desire to experience new things. With a lovely sense of adventure, Toronto Escort’s company is second to none for the gentleman seeking refinement and excitement in one lovely package. That warm, golden, exotic & excelent ladies complexion and warm, coupled with they’s sharop wit and lovely sparkling eyes, will keep you engaged and captivated all night long.
❤ Personality ❤
Well mannered and well spoken, Escorts Toronto generally gets along with everyone. They are always cheerful and positive, smiling they’s irresistible smile. They can not only brighten any room and cheer your mood, but they’s also a great listener, and can offer surprisingly insightful views. As one would imagine, they analytical view of life has given they great opportunities to learn.
❤ Hobbies & Leisure ❤
Amicable and well presented, Female Escorts Toronto ladies has an interesting heritage, which we’ll let they’s describe to you. Theirs favorite way to stay fit is with staying active outside, walking, gym and yoga. They loves all types of food, but mostly eats very cleanly and keeps herself in shape. This delightful and pretty angel’s is someone you can really relax and be yourself with. With theirs funny humor and kindness, they makes you forget the world for awhile.< Contact us now to arrange an unforgettable date with this lovely & young most beautiful ladies in City of Toronto. ❤

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❤ The Escorts Toronto elite escort introduction and companion agency was created in 2011 by 3 well bred, well traveled, European individuals. Their aim was (and still is!), to provide a high quality environment for elite ladies, and in turn to facilitate their introduction to a high end clientele who requires superb quality and discretion. ❤ The owners possess post graduate education, and move in high society circles. The company caters for people of a similar affluent, refined caliber, who are tired of mediocrity when seeking luxury social escort dates in international cities. Those for whom high quality and discretion are more important than price or location. ❤ Originally operating by tightly held private phone numbers for VIPs only, and circulated by world of mouth, in 1998 they launched their private members-only blog, featuring a few of their top models. It wasn’t until 2013 that they created the current website and began catering to the general public. Still very selective and exclusive, Escorts Toronto remains the cream of the crop when it comes to elite courtesan companionship. ❤ No party girls, no tattoos, no inappropriate conduct or attire. Available exclusively to high end callers only, for whom quality is more important than price. ❤ Avoid the disappointments. Be delighted at the refreshing high quality of the Escorts Toronto company and its carefully selected companions. The luxury standard of our company is self-evident. You’ll find our receptionists eloquent and knowledgeable, and the language on all versions of our website articulate and hopefully error-free! (See our international sites for French and German versions in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. ❤ You’ll also find our elegant, beautiful girlfriend companions to be well mannered, graceful, talented and sanguine, for your contentment. As your courtesan confidante, dinner date or travel companion – you will always be positively affected when you’re with one of these angels. ❤ Our telephonists is the international seniors managers, they speak 7 languages and they are behind the international operation of the Escorts Toronto agency. Starting her career as a young flight attendant after university, she was then hired to be the marketing director of a high end model agency in London. With her degrees in marketing (Ma) and psychology (Ba), Our telephonists transitioned beautifully into the matchmaking industry in 2012 (with a different introduction agency). And there she found her forté. ❤ Warm and sophisticated, she was chosen out of a group of 5 short list applicants, and joined the Escorts Toronto agency as global manager in 2015. ❤ Theirs extremely high standards and unrelenting desire to maintain the highest quality, have set her and the agency apart for decades. They are friendly & loves people, and has coordinated literally tens of thousands of appointments over the span of her career. She’s still providing the highest level of integrity and service to her clientele; You’re in very good hands. ❤ With a slightly perfectionist nature, we can all rest assured she pays close attention to detail, with no compromise on quality. They takes her responsibilities very seriously, and genuinely cares about her clients and models. There’s nobody who takes our motto more to heart: We treat every gentleman as if he were our only gentleman. ❤ Our telephonists takes extra special care of her clients and her models alike. They liaises perfectly between the two, and is an expert matchmaker, after so many years in the introduction industry. ❤ We’re delighted to have our telephonists heading our team, and watching the impressive development of the company’s client list, we have no plans to replace her any time soon! She’s understanding and competent, and is invaluable to the agency, the clients and the models. ❤ For any VIP inquiries, please contact us 24/7 (viber, whatsapp, imo & line) aplications for free communication to be graciously attended to. ❤ “I’m honored to be a part of the Escorts Toronto team, and will always do my best to ensure every appointment is catered for at the highest capacity, and that every model’s experience is enjoyable too. I love match-making, and always listen carefully to each client’s preferences. My aim is to ensure my clients are not only happy, but delighted, every time they call. I was born for this!” ❤ Contact us any time, and please send an email message if the office is unable to take your call. Someone will respond to you as soon as possible. We check messages very often, so you’ll be responded to promptly. ❤ Once again, a quick reminder that we don’t cater for last-minute bookings (with the exception of some regular gentlemen who keep us on retainer).< Our models are available strictly by appointment only. When you make your hotel reservation, reserve an appointment in your date's schedule also - Thank you for being organized! ❤



Standard Rates for the Surrounding Toronto Downtown Area
All Rates are quoted in Canadian Currency. We accept US Dollars & Euro at par. ❤
Specific rates are indicated on each models page. Extra transport fees may apply, please refer to the chart/map below. Extra fees will be negotiated beforehand. No surprise fees! ❤

Escort Toronto – Voted #1 VIP Toronto Escorts Agency

You are paying for time and companionship only. Legally we can not and will not discuss or agree to any type of solicitation. No fees or tips of any kind will be quoted or negotiated, accessed or collected in exchange for any sexual conduct. Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of a legal age and is not contracted for, nor it is requested to be contracted for or compensated for in any manner. ❤ Special Rates are available for multiple hours and/or girls.❤ Escort Toronto – Voted #1 VIP Toronto Escorts Agency.
❤ Bachelor Parties ❤
When you call us to organise a bachelor party, we will make sure that you get the best available rate and the best service for your money. We know that no one can predict how an evening will onfold, that’s why we will try our best to meet or exceed your expectations without any surprises. ❤ Our main priority is safety for our girls and clients. No disrespect or abuse will be tolerated towards any model and/or client.< All abuse should be reported to the agency. ❤ Escort Toronto – Voted #1 VIP Toronto Escorts Agency.

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